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Coach Cisse’s coincidence when Senegal reached the knockouts of the World Cup after 20 years.

Coach Cisse's coincidence when Senegal reached the knockouts of the World Cup after 20 years. 79

14 November, Kathmandu. Senegal became the first African team and the sixth team overall to reach the knockout stages of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

After defeating Ecuador 2-1 on Tuesday, Senegal gained 6 points and made it to the last 16 as the runner-up of Group A.Senegal have reached the knockout stages of the World Cup after 20 years, with the current coach Aliou Cisse having a funny coincidence.

In 2002, Senegal reached the quarter-finals when they played the World Cup for the first time. Senegal, who were eliminated from the group stage for the second time in the World Cup in 2018, managed to reach the knockout stage again in the third time.Aliou Cisse was a part of both teams of Senegal.

In 2002, Cisse was the captain of Senegal when they reached the quarter-finals by defeating the former champions France.

After two decades, when Senegal passed the group stage of the World Cup, he was the coach on the touch line.

Under his training, Senegal won the title of the African Cup of Nations last year.

This time Senegal’s captain and star forward Sadio Mane was injured at the start of the World Cup, and Senegal suffered a shock at the beginning.

After that, Senegal lost to the Netherlands in the first match. However, Cisse’s team then made a comeback. They beat Qatar 3-1 in the second match and Ecuador 2-1 in the third and decisive match.

Cisse also led Senegal to the final of the African Cup as captain and coach.

He won the African Cup as a coach, which he did not win as a player. Now he is a legend of Senegalese football.

Former midfielder Cisse was not very successful as a player. But as a coach, he has brought great achievements to Senegal. He has been using players like Sadio Mane and Kalidou Coulibaly properly.

He played for the French club Paris Saint-Germain and also played for Birmingham City and Portsmouth in the Premier League.

As a coach, Sisesamu, who led Senegal to the quarter-finals under his own captaincy as a player, has both the challenge and the opportunity to bring greater success.


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