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”COVID 19”

In December 2019 the city called wuhan in China the covid 19 was first seen. The full form of covid 19 is coronavirus of 2019. This disease is caused by the virus name SARS-C0V2.The covid 19 spreads in china and rest of the world. On 30th january 2020 the WHO declare the outbreak of Public Health Emergency of International concern. Coronavirus are the large group of viruses they consists of core of genetic material surrounded by the envelope with protein spikes which the appreance of ‘crown’ in latin called ‘corona’.

The age group of 0-5 and the 60 above are get more affected by this virus. As the age between the 19-50 get normal effect from this virus, but this virus is very dangerious for the people who have the problem in the respiration, because the covid-19 pneumonia progresses, more of the air sacs become filled with fluid leaking from the tiny blood vessels in the lungs. Due to this the chance of lung failure can occur. so, this virus affect the age group above 60 and the people suffering from the breathing problems.

we can prevent us from this virus by wearing K95 mask, washing hand in every 2hrs or using the sanitizer, keeping the safe distance from the other persons. Don’t touch your eyes,nose or mouth.


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