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Dang- Breathtaking place to visit in Nepal

Dang- Breathtaking place to visit in Nepal

Dang- Breathtaking place to visit in Nepal

Dang- Breathtaking place to visit in Nepal

Dang is a beautiful place with ancient temples, lakes and waterfall. It lies in the Mid western development region. To reach there you can take bus or hire cab or car. The religious places in Dang are Ambikeshwori temple, Dharapani Temple, Jakhera Lake, Ganeshpur Park, Baraha Chhetra, Charinge Dada, Purandhara Waterfall, Bijauri Chillikot and Sawarikot.

Ambikeshwori temple is the religious temple which lies in the lap of largest valley of South Asia, Dang valley. This temple is also known as “Maiko Than”. Dharapani temple is the religious destination of dang valley. Many tourists are attracted here. In dharapani the Pandeshwor Mahadev Temple is constructed. Dharapani have the tallest trishul (Trident) in the world. It is the most attraction place. In this place there use to be 5 days festivals each year on the occasion of Shivaratri.

More than 2000 visitors use to come here. You can also visit Jakhera lake. It lies in Lamahi Municipality, Dang. It is at the bottom of Chure hills. Your day will be bright after seeing such beautiful view. It is one of the major tourism site. The lake is really beautiful and is surrounded by green forest. Every where is greenery. In this lake you can do boating and fishing. This place is also famous for picnic spot.

You can also go and visit waterfall that is Purandhara Waterfall which is situated in Purandhara village. This is the natural fall which is in the jungle. Many visitors are attracted here because of the dense forest and the main reason will be because of the bird sound mixing with the sound of water falling from the 45 meter height. You can also pay visit to Bijauri where there is a ancient temple of Kalika and Malika devi.

You can also visit Sawarikot which is one of the hill of Dang. If you are a nature lover then you must visit Ganeshpur Park which lies near the jungle. In here many natural beauty can be seen and you can relax your mind and your body and enjoy the nature. Dang is a beautiful place that you should visit in your vacation.

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