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Dayahang-Miruna pair waiting for ‘hat trick’

Kathmandu. Based on box office data, Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar pair is the most hit ‘screen couple’ of current Nepali films. It is estimated that ‘Kabaddi 4’ released in the year 2079 grossed around 22 crore rupees at the domestic box office, in which these two had the top roles.

The ‘Jari’ of these two couples is now being performed in an aggressive manner. If we follow the box office trend, it can be estimated that ‘Zaari’ will earn at least two digits at the box office. This ‘cinematic chemistry’ of Dayahang and Miruna, who are giving hit films one after the other, can be seen in the upcoming film ‘Nango Village’.

These two will be seen again as a ‘screen couple’ in ‘Nango Village’, which is currently being shot. If this film becomes a hit, Dayahang-Miruna Jugalbandi will become a ‘hat-trick’ film. The credit of pairing these two on screen goes to filmmaker and director Rambabu Gurung. According to director Gurung, he has received a response that the audience prefers to watch this couple after Kabaddi and it has definitely improved the domestic film.

“Not only Kabaddi, but Zari has established this couple even more. These two will be seen together in the upcoming film. We have received the response that the audience liked,” said Gurung. Director Gurung is preparing for the shooting of the upcoming film ‘Degree Maila’ and Dayahang is in the leading role of the film. Since the actress has not been finalized, viewers are demanding to see Miruna as Dayahang’s partner on social media. After watching the film ‘Jari’, film writer and critic Samipya Timalsina compared the pair of Dayahang and Miruna with Bollywood’s famous screen couple Shahrukh and Kajal.


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