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developing their own niche as rising stars

It’s difficult to emerge from the parental aura of fame. It’s a difficult undertaking for a novice with no experience to establish a foothold in the professional arena. Khan, Aryan. These prominent children—Vedaant Madhavan, Myra Rampal, Akira Akhtar, Ranveer Behl—are not just recognized by their surnames. They are working for their individual objectives and establishing themselves. Check out these upcoming stars and give them our support.

Khan Aryan

He may be making news for the incorrect reasons. However, Shah Rukh’s eldest son is making a lot of effort to improve his public image. He directed his first advertisement for D’yavol X, a line of luxury streetwear that he endorses. The advertisement includes SRK as well. Aryan also completed writing his debut play.


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