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Dhankuta is beautiful place you should visit it

Dhankuta is beautiful place you should visit it

                                                                    Dhankuta is beautiful place you should visit it

Dhankuta is beautiful place you should visit it

Dhankuta is a hill town as well as headquarter of Koshi Zone. The distance between Dhankuta and Kathmandu is around 213 km. To reach dhankuta you can take tourist bus. Tourist bus takes 11 hours to reach Dhankuta from Kathmandu. Dhankuta is a really beautiful place to go for a tour. The places to visit in there are Margha Pokhari, Hile Monastery and Bakrakunda Mandir Hile.

You can also visit Hile bazaar as it is the largest area which is surrounded by many hills and consist of major religious, cultural and tourist center. You can visit Hile Monastery where you can feel stress free and calm your mind. This place is really beautiful and good place to visit. If you love trekking and lake then you should definitely visit Margha Pokhari. Margha Pokhari is a beautiful place and a lake.

To reach Margha Pokhari you can take local bus to Siduwa Bazaar and from there reach to Sukrabare by trekking which takes about an hour. After trekking from 1 hour you can reach Margha Pokhari. At the top of the hill the pond is situated surrounded by forest. The pond water is very clear. This lake is also considers as holy as the abode of Goddess Bhagabati.

Every year annual fair is held in here at janai purnima. You can also sunrise,sunset as well the spectacular mountains view like Mt. Kanchanjunga, Makalu and Kumbhakarna. You can also take many beautiful photos of nature. You will fully immersed in the lake and the view of its surrounding. Many tourist use to visit here. It is the most visited place in there.

You can also pay visit to Bakrakunda Mandir Hile. It is located at the southern part of Hile about a kilometer away. In this temple hundreds of pilgrims use to visit and worship there. There is beautiful garden and panaromic views. After worshipping visitors use to enjoy the beautiful view.

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