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Dharan is beautiful place you should visit it

Dharan is beautiful place you should visit it

Dharan is beautiful place you should visit it

If you are looking to have some days tour then you should go to Dharan. Dharan is a sub metropolitan city which is in Sunsari district of province no 1. Dharan is around 219 km away from Kathmandu. To reach dharan from Kathmandu you can go by vehicle which takes approximately 7 hours and 29 minutes but it may take longer due to the speed of the vehicle you are using.

If you use to be tired from roadways then there is other option as well which is flight. You can take flight to Biratnagar International Airport and from there Dharan is 37 km away and you can land on another airport as well which is Bhadrapur airport and is about 103 km away from Dharan and takes around 2 hours to reach Dharan. In dharan there are lots of religious place like Dantakali temple, Budha Subba temple,Pindeshwor Shiva temple etc.

Buddha Subba temple is an important religious place. It is a famous place in dharan which is a religious shrine of the eastern people of Nepal. It has its own shine. Dantaki temple is a religious hindu temple which is situated in a mountainous terrain of Bijayapur in Dharan. It was built in the honour of Goddess of Parvati. It is said that this temple was founded on the spot where Sati Devi ‘s lies. Pindeshwori temple is situtated at the right of Vijayapur hill.


From the east of Bhanu chowk you can walk 15 min and you will reach there. Except from temple there is waterfall as well which is Namaste Fall. Well Namaste Fall is located in the Bhedetar village. The falls is about 80 metres high. It is the most attractive place as the people is easily fond of fall and like to visit fall whenever they are free. There use to be many domestic tourists from Jhap, Sunsari, Dhankuta and Morang. Other palcea to visit are Dharan Clock Tower and Bishnupaduka. It is a beautiful place to visit and have a nice and enjoying long tour.

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