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Different character of Vani Kapoor

Actress Vani Kapoor, who entered Bollywood from ‘Pure Country Romance’, has a good career. Vani, who has been in Bollywood all over Yashraj Films, has not been able to find success.

Although he starred in the blockbuster film ‘War’, the credit did not go to him. Due to her strong acting in some films, she is appearing in a completely different incarnation in a new film.

She has recently agreed to work in the social comedy genre film ‘Sarvagun Sampanna’. The film, produced by Maddak Films, will tell the story of the 90’s. In which Vani is playing the role of a ‘porn star’.

According to Indian media, she will play the role of a popular porn star in a small place. In the film, Vani will be seen as a struggling, bold and strong woman who fights for her existence. The film will have Sonali Ratan’s debut direction.


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