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Different incarnations of Pradeep in Nitin’s video.

Pradeep Khadka is known as a versatile hero. The fan craze of Pradeep khadka, who is known as a famous star within a few years of entering Nepali cinema, is also enticing.

In the movie, the audience especially likes Pradeep as a lover boy. But it is not that Pradeep did not try to cast himself in different roles on the screen of the film.

The same Pradeep will now be seen in a new look in a video. Pradip’s get-up is different in the song ‘Jai Jai Nepal’ composed under the direction of Nitin Chand.

This video is going public today. The makers of the video have released a teaser with Pradeep’s getup.

Included in the voices of Satya-Swaruparaj Acharya, Pratap Das and Pravisha Adhikari, the video carries a sense of nationalism. This video can be a special gift for Pradeep’s fans who have been missing from the screen for more than a year.


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