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Do this in Shrawan, the anointing of Lord Shiva

In Hinduism, there is a religious belief that one can fulfill one’s desires by fasting and worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of July.

According to religious mythology, worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of July is twice as beneficial as on other days.

Devotees offer flowers and offerings on the Shivalinga to please Lord Shiva. The scriptures mention some ways to please Lord Shiva.

Abhishek to please Lord Shiva

Anointed with milk

If there is an atmosphere of strife in your house all the time, you should anoint the Shivalinga with milk in the month of July. Doing so calms the quarrel at home or office. The Scriptures say that even a fool would be wise in doing so.

Pour water

It is believed that anointing the Shivalinga with water fulfills various aspirations. It is believed that offering water to Shiva’s penis every day calms the mind and pleases God soon.

Anoint with ghee

If a person in the house often gets sick, you should anoint Lord Shiva’s penis with pure ghee. Doing so is believed to eliminate disease and health problems as well as expand the lineage.

Mahale Abhishek

If a person in the house is suffering from a serious disease, anoint Shiva’s penis with honey. Doing so will eliminate various health problems.

Anointed with sugarcane juice

If you are very unhappy in life, anoint Shivling with sugarcane juice. Doing so will bring happiness back to your home.

Offer Ganga water

If you want to attain salvation after death, anoint the Shivalinga with Gangajal. It is mentioned in the religious scriptures that salvation is obtained by doing this.


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