Do you have neck pain? Pay attention to 4 things

The number of people suffering from neck pain is increasing. People who sit in a chair all day and work on a laptop or computer are more bothered by this problem. People who spend a lot of time on TV and mobile phones at home are more likely to suffer from neck pain.

Why does the neck hurt?

Especially when the posture of the body does not match, the neck hurts. Similarly, neck pain occurs when sleeping, lifting heavy objects, bending too much or reading, using a mobile phone while sleeping, reading, sewing or sewing for hours.

As the bones wear down with age, the neck hurts. Also, if the neck is injured due to various reasons, arthritis in the saphenous bone, pinched neck vein, tumor, muscle tightness, neck pain is also a problem. In some cases, this happens even when you take a lot of stress.

Symptoms of neck pain

Symptoms appear according to the cause of neck pain. In general, there are problems such as pain when touching the neck, the neck is still or cannot be moved, sometimes the neck can be turned very little or cannot be turned at all. In addition, there is tingling, shoulder pain, headache, hand numbness, hand muscle weakness, pain in both hands and difficulty in moving fingers.


Neck pain should not be ignored. If it is not treated for a long time, it can lead to the problem of widening of the hands and feet. In some cases, the body itself is at risk of paralysis.

Neck pain is treated with medication, physiotherapy and surgery. If there is only a little pain problem, it can be cured by taking medicine. If there is regular pain, a cervical collar can be used for neck straining exercises after being examined by a physiotherapist. If there is no improvement with medicine and therapy, you should see the relevant doctor. In the last case, you have to go to surgery.

How to get rid of neck pain?

– Keep your neck at 90 degrees while looking at a laptop, computer, mobile all day long, and the height of the pillow should not be too high or too low while sleeping. So that you can avoid the problem of muscle tightness and bone wear.

– You should wake up in the morning and do neck exercises. Isometric neck exercises can be done for at least 15 minutes. In this, neck stretching (stretching), stretching up and down is done.

– If you have a problem with neck pain, you should not lift heavy things as much as possible. This reduces the possibility of spine problems. During office work, one should exercise or walk around every hour.

– It is better to choose a flexible chair that allows you to sit easily while working, to choose a chair that pushes the waist forward. It is better if the back of the chair is fully covered and reclines up to the head. Keeping the chair in a 90 degree position is suitable for using a laptop or computer without slouching.

Also, plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables should be consumed. Staying away from dust and smoking is beneficial.


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