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Do you know about these five important characters of the Mahabharata?

Mahabharata is an important text of Hindu religious culture. There are many such characters in Mahabharata whose roles were very important. Who was also dealing with internal problems? Here we are going to mention some important characters of Mahabharata.

1. Shakuni

Shakuni is an important character in Mahabharata. The Mahabharata War was fought because of Shakuni. He fought on the side of the Kauravas. Shakuni, who was Duyordhana’s maternal uncle, wanted to destroy not only the Pandavas but also the Kuru dynasty. Behind his actions is hidden the story of atrocities that happened to him.

When Bhishma went to ask for Gandhari’s hand in marriage for Dhritarashtra, Shakuni did not like it because Dhritarashtra was blind. Sakuni was against Gandhari’s marriage with Dhritarashta. But when Gandhari was not married to Dhritarashtra, a problem arose and Sakuni was forced to do so. He had a sense of revenge. Shakuni then created a sense of revenge between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. He helped his blind brother (Dhritarashtra) in the kingdom and incited him against the Pandavas due to which a war broke out.

2. Karna

Karna is another important character of Mahabharata. Kunti’s son Karna was a skilled warrior and by nature, there was no other warrior equal to him. But due to a mistake of his mother Kunti, despite being a Kshatriya, he was known as the son of a Sudra throughout his life. Being a Sudra, Draupadi refused to marry her even though she was endowed with all the virtues.

Karna learned that he was Kunti’s son only much later. Although Kunti’s son, Karna fought against the Pandavas on the side of the Kauravas.

3. Krishna

Lord Krishna is an important and main character of Mahabharata. His popularity was proved by the unique combination of an attractive role and war policy.
In the Mahabharata, which is a war between truth and falsehood, Krishna fought on the side of truth (Pandava). He drove the chariot of Krishna in the war and it was Krishna who guided the Pandavas to victory on the battlefield. The wisdom that Krishna imparted to Arjuna on the battlefield is still today in the form of the Gita, a world-famous and very important scripture.

4. Draupadi

Draupadi, the possessor of unparalleled beauty, was a virtuous maiden. She was married into a high royal family but at the word of Kunti, she became the wife of five husbands. After this, she spent most of her life in exile. There are many stories about Draupadi in Mahabharata. Some say that the Mahabharata war happened because of his pride, while some say that the war happened because of his atrocities. After Dushasan beheaded her in the Raj Sabha, Draupadi made her five husbands take an oath to kill Duryodhana and Dushasan.

5. Bhishma Pitamaha

Bhishmapitamah is an important character in the Mahabharata who prayed for the victory of the rival Pandavas while fighting against them. The promise taken by Bhishma, who was also the commander of the Kaurava army, is respected even today. Because of the promise he made, he did not marry and fought till the end to defend the throne. Arjuna was the beloved of Bhishmapitamah who was given the gift of willing death. Bhishma fell on the bed due to Arjuna’s arrow and gave up his life.


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