Drinking coffee is not a disease, it protects the heart

A study has shown that drinking coffee can prevent heart disease instead of developing it. The latest study was published at a time when some doctors and the general public are becoming increasingly concerned about the use of coffee. According to three research abstracts published Thursday, drinking two to three cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack, or premature death from any cause by 10% to 15%.

Senior author of the study group Dr. Peter M. Kiesler said in a statement, “Some are concerned that coffee can cause heart problems because it increases the heart rate.” This is where the general medical advice to stop drinking coffee can come from.

In all three studies, Kistler and other researchers used data from the UK Biobank. It shows the health status of more than 5 lakh people for at least 10 years.

The authors of these studies sought to determine the relationship between coffee drinking and heart problems (arrhythmias) and heart disease.


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