Embarrassing season for Colts continues with the biggest meltdown in NFL history

Prior to Week fifteen, the last time the state capital Colts were on the sphere was in Week thirteen against the metropolis Cowboys. in this game, Indy had given up thirty three points within the fourth quarter and lost 54-19. it absolutely was embarrassing. to form matters worse, it absolutely was on Sunday Night soccer, that the entire NFL world witnessed the embarrassment. it absolutely was a brand new low during a season with several low points for the Colts, and everybody unwisely assumed it couldn’t go downhill. It didn’t take long for state capital to prove everybody wrong.

NFL history

After every week fourteen bye, state capital jumped right back to a nationwide televised game against the Gopher State Vikings. The Colts started the primary [*fr1] burning, jumping intent on a 33-0 lead. Everything was clicking for Indy. There was a blocked punt for a touchdown, a pick-six, Indy forced a fumble, everything. state capital was simply flat-out dominating the Vikings. This junction rectifier to social media clowning Gopher State. everybody was line Gopher State frauds, and also the Vikings became the butt of the league’s jokes. Well, the Colts must’ve been jealous as a result of they quickly saved that spot.

With a 33-point lead at the [*fr1], in what should’ve been a straightforward upset success, became the Colts processing the biggest lead in NFL history. Being outscored 39-3 within the half, Indy allowed the Vikings to climb back to the sport and steal it.


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