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Extend iPhone battery life with these methods

Apple already gives good battery life to its devices, whether it is the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or any other device. However, in the past, Apple was accused of slowing down the phone by using batteries that lose life quickly in their iPhone models. For this, the company paid 113 million dollars (about Rs. 819 crores) just to settle its ‘Battery Gate’ case. While Apple says that this was done only to maintain the battery capacity for a long time, after that, the company also started providing features like battery and performance management in its models for users. Among these features, some of the common efforts that Apple recommends users use are keeping the latest software updated, protecting against high ambient temperatures, separating some cases from the device during charging, and when prolonged If you want to store the device for a long time, then keep it in a half-charged state. While it is true that Apple has taken steps to address battery issues in their devices, the fact remains that many users still experience significant battery drain and may require additional measures such as purchasing external battery packs or upgrading to newer models with better battery life.

Apple has also created a page on its website for this in which some tips have been given to increase the battery life and maintain the life of the iPhone as much as possible. The first step is to keep the device updated with the latest software.

  • How to Update iPhone
    Go to your iPhone’s settings.
    Here tap on General.
    After that tap on Software Update.
    Here you can see the available updates. If you see an update available here, tap on it and your iPhone will start updating. For this, make sure that the phone has enough battery.
    Alternatively, you can connect your iPhone to your computer and update it to the latest iTunes version.
    Battery life can also be increased by adjusting the brightness of the screen. Use a Wi-Fi connection whenever possible. This makes the battery last longer. You can also dim the iPhone screen brightness or turn on auto-brightness.
  • How to Dim display brightness, Turn on auto brightness
    For this, open the Control Center.
    Drag the brightness slider all the way down.
    Go to Settings to activate Auto-Brightness.
    Here tap on General.
    After that tap on Accessibility.
    Now tap on Display Accommodations.
    Here, set Auto-Brightness to On.
  • How to Enable Low Power Mode
    iPhone users can also activate low-power mode in case of low battery. You get a notification when the handset battery drops to 20 percent or less. From here you can turn on Low Power Mode with a single tap.
  • How to manually turn on Low Power Mode:
    First, go to Settings.
    Scroll down and tap on Battery.
    Now go to Low Power Mode and set it to On.
    To check iPhone battery consumption, users can check by going to battery settings. To reduce battery consumption, users can turn off Background App Refresh and location services. For this see the steps given below-
  • How to prevent apps from refreshing in the background
    First, go to Settings.
    Now tap on General.
    After that tap on Background App Refresh.
    Select Off here and Background App Refresh will now stop completely.
  • How to turn off location services for apps
    First go to Settings.
    Now tap on Privacy.
    Then tap on Location Services.
    Here you will get information about the apps that are using location services. From here you get the option to turn off the location service of the app. After which the battery of the phone can last for a long time.


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