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Fake honey is tempting, how to recognize pure honey?

The more delicious honey is, the more beneficial it is. Honey is especially full of medicinal properties. That is why people eat honey without fear. Whether it is by adding it to breadcrumbs or by dissolving it in lemon water.However, not all honey available in the market is pure. Some honey is prepared artificially, which is very harmful for health.Of course, honey is not only adulterated, but also made from a mixture of artificial chemicals. In this case, you should pay attention to some things to recognize pure honey. You can find out whether the honey is pure or not by looking at its color, aroma and consistency.

Check purity by color and aroma

The quality of honey can also be determined by its color and aroma. The purer the honey is, the better it freezes. Pure honey does not look yellow, it looks a bit muddy. Its color does not change even when kept in the sun. Its smell is slightly mixed with sour.

A simple method to check the purity of honey

In order to find out whether the honey is pure or not, a common man dissolves a spoonful of honey in a glass of water and sees that the honey dissolves very quickly in the water, then the honey is adulterated. If salt dissolves in water, it is processed. If the honey is pure, some of the honey will float to the top.

To find out the pure honey, when the old woman and the thief spread the honey on their fingers, it stretches like rubber and it is pure. If it is broken, it is not pure. When honey is placed between two pieces of bread, if it sticks easily, then it is pure honey.

This season’s honey is the best

The honey available now is from the sunflower and mustard season. Honey available in this season is the best. Advanced bees can be kept in any season and honey can be extracted from them.

It has also been found that instead of keeping bees in flower gardens, honey is extracted by keeping bees in places where fruits are sold more today. We should also be aware that such honey is not healthy.

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nectar-like honey

Honey is considered the elixir of nature. It has micro nutrients and body warming properties. Honey has antibiotic properties, protein, ‘phenol’ antibiotic which increases immunity.All the ingredients in honey are protein, micronutrients, antibiotics and elements to increase the immunity of the body.

How can you eat honey? how much In which case?

Nowadays, it is customary to eat lemons. This is a very unhealthy habit. When honey is mixed with hot water, its properties are destroyed and sometimes it can be poisonous.The best way to eat honey is to lick it. Drinking lukewarm water separately and licking the honey will also activate the microscopic glands in the mouth. It is not necessary to eat this amount of honey, but it is suitable for adults to eat one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of honey for children. If you put it on bread, you can eat a lot of it. If the honey is pure, it will not cause harm if you eat more according to your taste and body’s capacity.

Honey can be consumed when the body is weak, when the food is unappetizing, to increase eyesight, when you have a cold, to keep the heart healthy, to increase sexual ability, when you have a cold and cough and to increase immunity.It is also written in Ayurvedic books that if honey is very pure, its consumption will cure diabetes.


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