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Film journey of singers.

After the crash, some singers are planning a movie. Singer Prakash Saput had started shooting for the movie’ Paradeshi 2′ before Lockdown. However, filming of the movie has been stopped due to lockdown. As filming will also take place in the United States, the team will begin filming only after the corona epidemic is completely under control.

It remains to be seen how Prakash, who is considered successful in singing, will travel as a hero. However, Prakash’s film journey, which came to prominence by releasing songs that touched the hearts of viewers and listeners, is a matter of curiosity for many.

Singer Himal Sagar, who is in the US, has also said that he will work in the film now. He said he had talked to a team about working on the film and would announce the film soon. He has not been able to come to Nepal due to lockdown. However, Himal has not given any other information about the film.

Singer Durgesh Thapa, who is being criticized for releasing the song ‘Bich Bichma 3’, has also said that he is getting an offer from the movie. He said that he will take a break from singing and work in film. In this way, now 3 singers are preparing to start the journey of the film. However, the film journey of singers in Nepal is very bad. Whether his fortune shines in the film industry or not, let’s wait.


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