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Final Destination of John & Katheryn Temptation Island’s in Nashville:

Temptation Island John and Katheryn

At Nashville on the sport of temptation island’s two contester John Thurmond and Katheryn Golden roll will share on Island former pictures that they achive the distination Profile will share in instagram recently in the home-place Nashville. When the duo appeared to futher than cozy, On the straight of the record by his friend views new it.

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In a caption, Golden states:

“To answer your question about us being together, we are not. John and I share a special connection because of Temptation Island..

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One that no one other than our fellow cast mates will ever understand, and for that, he and I will always be a part of each other’s lives. But romantically we are not there anymore.”

She continues:

“Just because we aren’t involved romantically or in a relationship doesn’t mean we won’t continue to support each other or to remain amazing friends. We maintain a dialog almost daily and will continue to do so.”

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Although things didn’t quite work out for John and Katheryn romantically, it seems the duo is thankful for the friendship they formed during their time on Temptation Island. We just wonder if Kady has seen their Instagram posts…