‘Zaari’ earned more than 4 crores in two days, also in the international market

The film ‘Zaari’ has opened aggressively on the first weekend at the domestic box office. The first-day earnings of the film, which was released on Friday New Year’s Day, was around Rs 2.15 million gross. On the second day, Saturday’s earnings are also above two crores.

In the first weekend, i.e. in two days, the total earnings of the film were above 4 crore rupees gross. Halls in Kathmandu, especially in eastern cities, came to the exhibition with 100 percent occupancy. Apart from this, the opening of the film was also aggressive in cities like Pokhara, Chitwan, Narayangadh, Butwal, and Nepalganj.

Occupancy of multiplexes in Kathmandu and Eastern cities is high even on the third day, Sunday. Halls in areas where there is a majority of the Limbu community are also showing shows till 11 pm. Positive film reviews, the response from the trailer, Dayahang Rai, and Miruna Magar starrer ‘Kabaddi’ craze benefited ‘Zari’.

Due to the strong word of mouth, it is seen that the show will be performed with satisfactory occupancy even on ‘Jari’ weekdays. Directed by Upendra Subba, this film has given a visual language to the ongoing practice of the Limbu community in eastern Nepal. Actors like Vijay Baral, Prem Subba, and Roydeep are also in top roles.

After the release of ‘Jari’, another film ‘Behepass’ starring Dayahang has also benefited at the box office. Dayahang and Prakriti Shrestha starrer films are also making satisfactory earnings. Another film ‘Bulaki’ released in the new year failed to establish itself at the box office. It continues to earn the best in the country and has been showing in America, Europe, and Australia since May 1.

A very good response is coming from abroad. The distributor there is saying that the film will take a long time,” said producer Rambabu Gurung to Online News. The film will be released in Canada in a few days and preparations are being made to screen it in Hong Kong, the UK, and Middle East countries next week.

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