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Gadimai mela

As we were all known the fact that Hindu people are most aware of praying, worship, respecting god; goddess, following the tradition , culture, festivals. Like other festivals, Gadimai mela is one of the festival which celebrated in every five years. It is Hindu’s goddess temple known for “Gadhi” and people called her “mai” as a mother that refers to Gadhimai. . This festival is also known as a sacrificial ceremony.

Gadhimai temple is situated in Bara district, about 100 miles from capital city in kalaiya. .Gadimai is known as the incarnation of Hinduism goddess KALI, who is known as goddess of power. Devotiees believe that animal sacrifices to the goddess Gadhimai will end evil and bring prosperity. During this festival, people worship by sacrifiying animals along sweets and flower. Animals like goat , sheep, white mice, pigeons, roosters, ducks, swine and male water buffaloes are sacrifies. In the west-north direction of temple, there is one river named PASAHA RIVER which is called border of gadhimai temple. And people usually crosses that river and cut the goats as sacrifice to gadhimai. Mostly goats are cuts at the bank of that parsha river. We can also hear that goddess is known as very angry Goddess. But she didn’t excuse anyone for their mistake.

she loves every people so much as a her child and also fulfills everyone desires. People worship goddess Gadhimai as their Mother and offer her different sweets, flowers, coconut’s water etc. Everyday, many people from Nepal ,India and also sometime from other country visits at the temple to see and worship. People believe that if anyone goes to her with kind and pure heart, Goddess Gadhimai will fulfills their needs. Gadhimai’s fest, people also visited there by taking problems like:mental problems, business problems, personal problems with them.people believes that sharing or convey our problems to goddess Gadhimai, she will solve it and life will became happy and prosperity.After all gadimai mela is one of the famous festival of Nepal which is celebrated by worshipping goddess with huge repect and believes.