Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid arrested with drugs

Hollywood supermodel Gigi Hadid is once again in the limelight. But this time, not for any fashion show, but because of an allegation, she is in the limelight. Gigi Hadid has been arrested. Drugs have been recovered from him. At the time of her arrest, Gigi was on her way to the Cayman Islands with her friend Leah Nicole McCarthy. Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control confirmed this.

Gigi Hadid was arrested with marijuana

Gigi Hadid was arrested by the police for drug possession. Some narcotics were found when the officer scanned the luggage of the model that arrived at the airport by private plane. The incident took place on July 10. After scanning the baggage, a full search of Jiji’s suitcase revealed marijuana. 28-year-old Jiji and 29-year-old Leah were arrested for drug trafficking. The police then sent him to a detention center. However, they got bail shortly after their arrest.

Granted bail, fined

Both Gigi and Leah were then brought to court on 12 July where they were found guilty. A fine of one thousand dollars was imposed on the model. Jiji had no criminal record and was released after being fined.

Jiji then celebrated her holiday on the island. After the news of the arrest was announced, Gigi Hadid shared a post on Instagram sharing her experience, writing, “All is well in the end.” Gigi also shared several photos of herself and Leah. Jiji is seen having fun in bikini in this picture.