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Google removes ‘fake tiktok’ app.

Google has removed a popular video-sharing app called Shthal from its Android Play Store.This ticket-like app used to provide cash to users when they signed up for the app and watched videos. Due to which, this app was one of the most downloaded apps in the United States recently.

The app became controversial after many social media celebrities posted their videos and other content on the app without permission. Even famous tiktok celebrities with millions of followers have been saying that they are stealing and uploading their tiktok videos to their fake accounts created in the Jain app.

However, Jain said he had introduced a new method for filing complaints about intellectual property theft.
The Zine app is produced by the Chinese company Kuaishou. In China, too, Tiktok’s parent company is competing with Bite Dance.

The new app was officially available on the Google Play Store in early May and gained widespread popularity in a short period of time. However, some fake accounts have started uploading content to the platform since last April.

The most attractive aspect of this app is that users can earn money by using it. You get money as a reward for watching videos or inviting other friends to this app. The money earned can be sent to the account through gift card purchase or PayPal.

However, Google has removed the app from the Play Store, accusing it of plagiarism and plagiarism. However, Google has not given any official information about this.
Apple has said it is investigating the app and that it is still available in the App Store. Agency


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