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Google’s 10 most searched words in 2022

Google’s 10 most searched words in 2022 79

Google has released a listing of its most searched words in 2022, and Wordle has flat-topped the charts for this year. The search engine’s chiefs printed the results of its annual “year in search,” which breaks down the most common terms entered into classes together with news, folks, and sports, with the Big Apple Times’ parlor game setting out on prime overall.

The Google results showed folks were looking for Wordle even over Queen Elizabeth following her death and “Ukraine” despite the continuing war. The daily parlor game soared in quality when it was discharged at the top of last year, and Google has even observed it as “a way of life for a few people” in a recent statement.

Wordle has conjointly dominated Google’s charts elsewhere, with seven of the top ten most searched-for word definitions in 2022 being Wordle answers, together with cagey, foray, tacit, saute, treasure, and Theobroma cacao. Wordle was fashioned in 2021 by coder Ragan Wardle. WHO says he created it to keep himself and his partner busy throughout the COVID pandemic.

Even the worldwide publicity of the continuing tourney happening in Qatar at once couldn’t topple the parlor game from the highest spot. Here’s the complete list of the most popular Google searches within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland this year.

Google has released its top ten searches for 2022.

The UK’s prime Google searches in 2022

  • Wordle
  • World Cup
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  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Ukraine
  • Lateral flow Take a look at
  • Mason timberland
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  • Russia
  • Quordle
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Johnny Depp
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  • The top international Google searches in 2022
  • Wordle
  • India vs. England
  • Ukraine
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  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Indiana vs. SA

In addition to the top Google searches, Grayback Depp came in as the most searched actor when creating the headlines for his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. Smith and Rock are still within the top 5 following their fallout at this year’s Academy Awards.

Google’s 10 most searched words in 2022 81

Smith mistreated the comedian onstage in front of millions when creating a remark towards his adult female, Jada Pinkett Smith, who conjointly makes it within the top 5. He faced  a backlash for his actions and issued an apology to Rock just days after the Hollywood quarrel.



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