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Government highlights the bodies lax attitude towards cyber security.

The annual report released by the Office of the Auditor General revealed that government bodies are exposed to cyber security risks because of their disregard for the existing rules and guidelines. Only one government body was found to have complied with the criteria set for software used in their IT system reported.“It’s dangerous when government bodies themselves are using software that doesn’t meet the prescribed legal standards,” the report states.

The failure of government offices to adequately secure their systems had been highlighted. Although there are several directives in place for the security and management of the government’s IT system, authorities are repeatedly found to have a lax response when it comes to cyber security. These directives have laid security frameworks and also require government websites to have security vulnerability audit.

But the recurring spate of attacks on government websites shows that authorities haven’t been complying with the existing security framework. Since the 2015 hacking of the website of the country’s President, have been broken into, including the Office of the Attorney General and the Department of Passports. Six months ago.