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GPS connectivity in Tata co-premium electric vehicle ‘Express T’

Tata Motors’ premium electric taxi  ‘Express-T’  has been fitted with GPS. This electric vehicle has been started in Kathmandu valley only a month has passed. According to the company, the said premium electric Taxi  is believed to be more secure due to providing facilities including fleet management by connecting GPS technology.


The premium electric taxi of  ‘Express-T’  has been announced by the company that the rich people can see where their car is by mobile phone. The company has told that the electric taxi operator will fly the electric taxi, drive it at what speed, and drive it at what speed.

The company claims to be interested in offering Express-T electric taxis with GPS-enabled vehicles for the safety of its customers. In the future, this GPS technology has been told by the company that will help in bringing all the electric vehicles in a single system and track them.


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