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Guhyeshwarima all night tantric and Gupti worship.

Kathmandu – During the two-day Guhyeshwari Jatra celebrated at Guhyeshwari in Pashupati region, tantric and Gupti pujas were performed at the Guhyeshwari temple with sacrifices throughout the night on Thursday.

On Thursday evening, Taleju Bhawani was taken to Guhyeshwari from Hanumandhoka Palace and Tantric and Gupti Puja was performed in the temple with sacrifices all night, according to Guthi Sansthan Pashupati Goshwara office.

The lingo was raised in the temple area on Thursday, the first day of the Guhyeshwari Jatra held at Guhyeshwari in Pashupati region every year on Margashirsha Krishna Paksha Navami and Dashami Tithi. Sushila Sharma, the head of the office given to the Pashupati Creative Youth Club, informed that the responsibility of taking Taleju Bhavani’s statue from Hanumandhoka to Guhyeshwari for Guhyeshwari Jatra was given. Taleju Bhavani is kept at Guhyeshwari for two days for the Jatra.

During the Jatra, Guhyeshwari Khat Jatra is performed at various places in Pashupati region after special worship of Guhyeshwari and Taleju Bhavani this morning. There is a program to return the statue to the Taleju Temple tonight after the Jatra. Guhyeshwari Jatra is conducted in Pashupati area for two days from Navami. In this Jatra, under the management of Guthi Sansthan and Guhyeshwari Mandir Management Committee, there is a tradition of worshiping with cheese seeds which are offered during puja in Tantric method including samebji.

As Guhyeshwari and Taleju are worshiped as sisters, both the idols are identical. Jain Karmacharya, priest of Guhyeshwari temple, said that Guhyeshwari is worshiped as sister and Taleju as sister. All the methods of taking Guhyeshwari from the temple of Murti Taleju Bhawani are done through tantric process.

Before taking Taleju Bhavani to the Guhyeshwari temple area, a lingo of 32 hands was also installed there on Thursday. Sal trees are cut from Bhandarkhal in Lingo Pashupati area for the Jatra. For this, it is said that the tree was cut last year.

Pashupati Creative Youth Club has been entrusted with returning the idol of Taleju Bhavani brought for the Jatra after the ritual worship. It is a tradition for the club to circumambulate the Pashupati temple in Guhyeshwari and worship the Moolabhatta of Pashupatinath.

From the Pashupatinath original temple, worship is carried out to the double of Amalkot Kachhari. From there, it is taken to the Nawalitol of Jayavageswari and duly worshiped. There is a significant presence of devotees in the worship at various places of Pashupati region.

It is a tradition since ancient times that Guruju’s platoon of the Nepali Army also participates in the Jatra. Nepali Army, Sansthan, Amalkot Kachhari etc. ritually worship separately. Guthiyars of private Guthi in Nawali village also get the opportunity to perform puja. After the Nawalitol Puja, Rath is also worshiped at Siphal-Dnyaneshwar-Kamalpokhari.

After the special pooja of Kamalpokhari, the idol will be taken to the temple of Taleju Bhawani on Friday evening via Krishna Pauroti-Tindhara Pathshala-Jamal-Asan, the institute said. On Thursday too, the idol was taken to Guhyeshwari temple through this route. Dhime baja, naikhi, bansuri are played during this jatra. The members of the group who perform regular bhajan kirtan also participate in the jatra. As soon as the Jatra is over, there is a program to take down the lingo installed in Guhyeshwari at 6 pm today.

Started from the time of Jayaprakash Malla, this Jatra is held every year on Margashirsha Krishna Navami and Dashami from Hanumandhoka Palace to Guhyeshwari temple in Pashupati area. Guhyeshwari Jatra is one of the dozens of Jatras conducted in Pashupati region.


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