Guru Purnima

Asar Shukla Purnima means Guru Purnima, Guru Purnima is being celebrated on Monday to show respect to the Guru who gave education. Guru Purnima is celebrated every year on the day of Asar Shukla Purnima to commemorate the contribution of Gurus in education, civilization, culture and moral development.


On the occasion of Guru Purnima, a special program was organized at Srimuktinath Sevashram near Golfuta in Kathmandu on Monday. Hindus celebrate the birth anniversary of Ved Vyas, the author of Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagavata, Athar Purana and Vishnu Sahasranama, who divided the Vedas into four parts, as Guru Purnima. Vyasa is considered to be the first and best guru as he taught Vedas and Vedangas to all the sages including his son Shukadev.

According to Hindu beliefs, a person who teaches 64 arts including music, Gayatri-Diksha, Mantra-Vedmantra, Acharya who is old in terms of age-intelligence-power and experience is also considered a guru, but father-mother, uncle, father-in-law, Mavali Baje, Jijububa, Brahmin and uncle are also in the category of guru. belong to

In Sanskrit, ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means light. Muktipithadhiswara Swami Kamalanayanacharya said that the person who destroys the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge is mentioned in the books of Tantra and Dharma Shastra.



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