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Hall to open in India from October 15.

Six months ago, all movie theaters in India were shut down due to the corona virus. After the closure of movie theaters, many filmmakers released movies on digital platforms.

Some movies are waiting to be released. Now, the central government of India has made public the Unlock-5 guideline on Wednesday. Permission has been granted to open the hall in India from October 15.

The exhibitors will be able to open the hall with 50 percent of the capacity of the hall. The central government has said it will make the SOP public.

The central government has decided to open the hall after six months, despite the fact that 90,000 corona are infected daily in India. It has been welcomed by exhibitors in India. Similarly, Bollywood actors have also mentioned that they are excited by this news.

Some state governments in India have already given permission to open the hall from today.


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