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Happy Birthday Niruta singh.

Actress Niruta Singh is celebrating her birthday today. He was born on September 26, 1972 in Darjeeling, India. Niruta had entered the film industry from the movie ‘Dakshina’.

Actress Niruta Singh’s craze was huge in the film industry a decade ago. Niruta used to be rewarded like a hero in her age. Niruta was an example that a movie is made with the name of the heroine.

His ‘Darpan Chaya’ is considered to be the most successful. He acted in ‘Bandhaki, Dui Kinara, Afant, Miley, Thuldai, Ajambari Naata, Naata Ragatko’ which became a super hit.

Niruta had reached Mumbai as the craze in the film industry was weakening. About 8 years later, she made a cameo role in the movie ‘Nai Nabhannu L5’. In the movie ‘Dal Bhat Tarkari’, she acted as the main heroine. However, the audience did not like what Niruta did in this film. Niruta has also danced to the song ‘Curly Curly’ included in the movie ‘Captain’.

Happy Birthday to this heroine who is celebrating her 48th birthday today.


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