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High blood pressure medication can be released with yoga and pranayama: Dr. official.

High blood pressure is basically a lifestyle related problem. Some people also have high blood pressure genetically. However, poor diet, lifestyle, and mental disorders are the main causes of high blood pressure. Is it then possible to keep the blood pressure balanced by improving the lifestyle?

Doctors have given the answer that it is possible. Therefore, high blood pressure can be controlled by living a healthy lifestyle. Yoga, pranayama and meditation are also integrally connected to it.

Yoga instructor and nutritionist Dr. Edited excerpt from conversation with Raju Adhikari:

Is there any role of yoga, meditation, exercise to control high blood pressure?

Yoga and meditation are popular all over the world because they are effective in reducing heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.

Yoga, meditation and pranayama are the best methods to treat high blood pressure without complications or side effects. Meditation and pranayama in yoga are also very beneficial for patients with high blood pressure.

Meditation relaxes the internal organs of the body, the heart and the nerves. Improves the effect of blood. Because this disease is related to mood, it calms the mind. Calms the mind and increases concentration.

Anulomaviloma and Bhramari Pranayama are very effective for controlling high blood pressure. Pranayama is best for controlling high blood pressure. In that too, Anulomvilom. It should be done in a calm position.

What pranayama is effective for controlling high blood pressure?

Anulomaviloma and Bhramari Pranayama are very effective for controlling high blood pressure. Pranayama is best for controlling high blood pressure. In that too, Anulomvilom. It should be done in a calm position.

As this is a chronic and very severe respiratory disease, it should be done slowly by holding and holding the breath. This should be done in one sitting for 15 minutes. Similarly, Bhramari is also a good rule for controlling high blood pressure. This should be done for five minutes in one sitting.

Apart from that sheetali pranayama can be done. Which is suitable to do only in winter months. Acid acids are calmed by this pranayama by taking air and drinking air. As it is cooling in winter, it calms the mind and reduces blood pressure quickly.

Can people with high blood pressure benefit from meditation?

Meditation is the art of calming the meditative mind and bathing in good thoughts. Meditation begins with imagination. It is used to get lost and enchanted. The easiest way to meditate is to take your breaths in reverse.

It is considered best to do any form of meditation pranayama yoga in the morning sitting asana. But you can do it in the morning, afternoon and evening to make yourself comfortable. Do not eat food during this time.

What kind of yoga or exercise controls blood pressure?

Surya Namaskar can be performed at a slow pace. Naukasana, Gaumukh Asana, Patli Asana, Balasana, Padmasana, Shavasana, Shashankasana and Bhujangasana are considered to be the most effective yogasanas performed while lying on the floor.

These yogasanas are considered to be very effective as they increase blood circulation, reduce stress, calm the mind, and activate the nervous system.

At what time and for how long is it necessary to do such yoga or exercise?

Just as software, hardware and electrical power are contained in these yogasanas, these three are integral parts in our life. Software is the mind, for that meditation, hardware is the posture of the body, and electricity is the breath, for that you need pranayama.

If you can do all these actions together for 20-20 minutes, it will benefit many diseases of the body. There is no greater natural cure for those with high blood pressure.

Depending on the time, it is better to do yoga meditation asanas and pranayama for an hour. Do not miss meditation as much as possible. It is important not to miss Kapalabhanti for five minutes, Anulomavilom for 15 minutes and Bhramari for seven minutes.

Are you afraid of any side effects?

Side effects can occur in patients with high blood pressure. It is better to consult an expert as much as possible. This exercise should not be done in a way that is too tiring and tiring.

Can people who are taking blood pressure medicine do such yoga and exercise?

Such yoga and exercise can be done even by those who are taking normal blood pressure medication. But if the blood pressure is rising, yoga should not be done as much as possible. They can do meditation and pranayama.

Does this type of yoga and exercise completely control blood pressure?

In the research conducted so far, it has been claimed that if yoga, meditation and exercise can be done regularly and correctly, blood pressure can be completely controlled. But it is possible if there is only blood pressure in it.

If other diseases are also connected with blood pressure, a package should be made after looking at the condition of all the diseases. If it is made in this way, surely high blood pressure will be completely controlled. In some cases, there are examples of getting rid of some complex diseases by practicing continuously for two years.

Do yoga, meditation and pranayama correctly lead to the release of high blood pressure medication?

If you can do regular yogasana, pranayama and meditation at the same time, it can also lead to drug withdrawal. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of medicine if you have faith, devotion, concentration and regular practice in the right way.

What kind of yoga should not be done because of high blood pressure?

Meditation and pranayama can be done in any situation. Opposite Karni Asanas like Tapasana, Halasan should not be done as much as possible. So are many MG medications


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