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History of nepal famous noodle

Wai wai

Wai wai is a Thailand based brand meaning “fast” “fast” .Wai Wai is an international brand of instant noodles. It comes in various seasoning flavors. A pack of Wai-Wai includes chili powder, masala (mixed spices) and onion oil which can be used to prepare the soup or stir fry. The brand has been produced in Thailand since 1972 by Thai Preserved Food Factory Co, Ltd.  the Chaudhary Group, in collaboration with Thai Preserved Food Factory Co, Ltd., introduced Wai Wai instant brown noodles to Nepal.  The Chaudhary Group built a Wai Wai noodle factory in kathmandu in 1984 in technical collaboration with TPFF. Its initial capacity was 120 packets per minute. Today, it is 2,100 packets per minute or 40,000 ton per year. Binod chaudhary is the owner of the CG group.

Wai Wai Quick is a brown noodle available in 8 different flavours (Chicken Curry, Chicken Pizza, Tom Yum Shrimp, Kimchi, Masala Curry, Chicken Schezwan , Vegetable Manchurian & Vegetable Pizza). It is also one of the popular snacks for school, college and office goers. This quick to make noodle is fast and tasty as well as cheap compared to other snack items and also satisfies hunger.  Chaudhary Group with technical assistance of the company introduced Wai Wai in Nepal in 1985. Wai Wai is pre-cooked and flavored before packaging, so it can be eaten straight from the pack as snack or prepared like any other noodle. The Chaudhary Group built four factories in Nepal and six factories in India for the manufacture and distribution of Wai Wai and its other brand of Instant noodles . CG is expanding with new plants in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Egypt.

In Nepal it is one of favourite noodle because of tasty flavour, cheap, easy available in market. The theme of the advertisement of this noodle is also good as it reflects upon the unity among the diversity in Nepal. It shows people enjoying the noodle together despite their age, gender, caste and ethnicity. Wai wai is Nepalese first choice.


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