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How did Sushmita replace Kajol in ‘Arya’?

Mumbai: Bollywood actors Kajol and Sushmita Sen during the Save & Empower Girl Child campaign in Mumbai on Wednesday. PTI Photo (PTI4_12_2012_000108B)

Bollywood actress Susmita Sen is making a comeback in a digital series called ‘Arya’. Susmita had signed the series last year. Now she was busy promoting the series.

But Susmita was not the first choice in the series. Its creator had offered the heroine Kajol. Kajol also liked the role very much. Kajol, who agreed to work, could not work on the series due to lack of time.

Initially, the production team was preparing to make ‘Arya’ as a movie. But when Hotstar’s team made up their minds about it, its creators decided to make a series.

This series is being directed by Ram Madhavani. According to Ram, it needed a strong female actor in the lead role. Susmita was offered after Kajol’s time was not agreed.