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How long does your sexual relationship last?

There are many opinions about sexual activity. And, of course, this is a person’s personal matter as well.

However, one can find that many people are hurting over the same topic. Whether it is normal to have some time off, especially when engaging in physical activity. It has not been investigated in Nepal, but in the Western country, the common sex period has been fixed between partners who have engaged in sexual activity.

Studies by US and Canadian sex therapists will usually find satisfaction between partners who have engaged in sexual activity in 5 to 5 minutes. That is, they will disappear within 5 to 5 minutes.

The study consisted of seven participants including sex therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, private doctors, and nurses. Which has been watching thousands of patients for decades? And even understand their sexual activities.

According to them, the person who initiates normal sexual intercourse can be ejected within 1 to 5 minutes. They have called this period sufficient. Similarly, those who last for 5 to 5 minutes after sexual intercourse are called very happy sex

If a person has ejaculated within 1 to 5 minutes, it is very short term sex and if not ejaculated for 5 to 5 minutes, it is referred to as very short duration sex.


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