How much does the referee who conducts the FIFA World Cup get paid?

How much does the referee who conducts the FIFA World Cup get paid?

FIFA World Cup is the most expensive tournament organized in terms of sports. The World Cup is being held in Qatar this year and the league’s prize money has also been increased by $44 million compared to last year. This shows how Qatar is actually hosting the most expensive tournament in football.

For the referees who are on the field with the players, FIFA has increased the salary this time compared to the previous World Cup. The salaries of referees and associates depend on the role they play. While football was earlier played in the presence of field and assistant referees, the last two editions have also added video assistant referee (VAR) decision-making.

In addition, this time FIFA has included women match referees to conduct the game. FIFA, which has been closely monitoring the performance of women referees in the league matches of various organizations around the world, has this time included 3 women field match referees and 3 women assistant referees in every match.

The FIFA World Cup will have a total of 36 field referees, 69 assistant referees, and 24 video assistant referees. They will play a total of 64 matches in all stages. FIFA has set the remuneration for each match based on the round or part of the tournament. This made a difference in league matches and knock-out matches.

In group-stage matches, match referees and video assistant referees receive the same amount of $3,000, while assistant referees and fourth officials are paid $2,500.

The match referees are paid $10,000 in the knockout stages and finals, while video assistant referees, assistant referees, and fourth officials are paid $5,000.