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How often is sexual activity considered normal?

The most personal issue between two (couples) is sex. So the question of how often should be is not even relevant. Again, sexual intercourse may affect the couple’s interest, status, occupation, age, health, etc. Therefore, the question of how often sex is considered normal cannot be answered precisely.

Researchers have found some facts about it.

According to their study, couples between the ages of 4 and 19 years of age, who have had sexual intercourse 4 times a year, about three days, are considered normal.

Similarly, couples between the ages of 9 and 19 have sex four times a year, ie once in four days.

Researchers say that even as sexual activity decreases with age, contact with older people will be similarly reduced. It is said that a person who is sexually active participates in this activity once or twice a week.

But again, what must be avoided is that this is a very personal matter. It affects personal interests, desires, environment, age, health, etc. Some older people can have sex more often. No young person can have sex as he thinks.


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