How to decorate the living room?

There is a saying in English – ‘First impression is the last impression’. This means that the impression made in the first meeting will remain until the last.

The living room is the most important place in the house and the main place that attracts everyone. The living room gives an indication of the decoration and atmosphere of the house. Therefore, special attention is paid to its decoration as it is the first sight of the visitor in the living room.

“The condition of your home determines how to decorate and what items to keep and where,” he says.

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how to decorate the living room Design choice

The main thing to pay attention to while decorating the living room is the size of the room. What is the size of the room, how is the wall? Humagai says that the necessary design will be done based on that.

Not all houses have the same structure. In some houses, there are no walls on all sides, but glass is placed so that the light comes from two sides or one side,’ says Humagain, ‘so it cannot be designed in the same way as in a room with walls on all sides. It may not be good to decide the design just by looking at the website or photos.

Trendy design

Humagai says that the living room can be decorated in three ways. In which there are modern, traditional and fusion styles.

An easy way for now is to decorate the living room in a modern style. It can be designed in a short time by keeping modern materials. By doing this, besides saving time, the cost is comparatively less.

decorate the living roomAnother way is to decorate in a traditional style. It contains wood, buttedar bricks, furniture, deco paint etc. Due to the use of traditional materials, the cost is a bit higher. In recent times, people seem to be more attracted to the traditional style of decoration than the modern one.

Fusion style is a combination of both modern and traditional. If the wall is decorated in a modern style, other things can be done in a traditional way. Humagai says that this style is more popular now. “It is more expensive than modern and somewhat cheaper than traditional style,” he says. Among these styles, you can decorate the living room in any style according to your needs, interest and financial capacity. It is less hassle to proceed with the work by just looking at the design in 3D first to see how it will look.

What materials to decorate?

Most of the time is spent in the living room. A lot of things have to be managed in the living room, as there is a place for family gatherings, a place to sit when guests come, and a place to watch TV.

Therefore, attractive furniture should be kept in the living room. Humagai suggests that a good ‘combination’ of sofas, tables, drawers, lights, other works of art and curtains should be arranged.

Television is an important material of living room. It can be placed on the wall or on a TV stand so that it can be viewed comfortably while sitting on the sofa. Also, wallpaper can be placed to make the living room look attractive. Apart from that, if there is an aquarium, any honors, awards, they can also be kept.

Nowadays, there is a growing trend of making a small library, bar, and even a fire house inside the living room.

How much does it cost?

Many people think that interior design is expensive. According to Humagai, it depends on the size of the room, the materials used in decoration, etc.


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