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How to save food from wasting?

A lot of food is wasted in our kitchen every day. Vegetables, fruits and food are destroyed by rotting. In this way, on the one hand, food is being wasted and on the other hand, the problem of hunger is also increasing. Even a small effort can save food from wastage. In addition, our financial burden is also reduced.

Ways to prevent food wastage

– When buying the first food, buy only as much as is necessary. By purchasing unnecessary food and destroying it, it also increases the financial burden.

– When preparing food, make certain assumptions. It is not good to cook a lot of food and eat it stale.

– Stale or perishable food should be prepared by alternative methods and consumed.

– Stored or cooked food can be reused before it becomes perishable.

– Stale food can be given to street dogs, cattle or birds.

– Rotten food can be kept in the vegetable garden or garden to make organic fertilizer.


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