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How to take care of skin during winter?

Kathmandu: Many types of skin problems appear in winter. In the cold, skin becomes dry, wind and cold cause allergies, and other problems are seen. During this time, many people take care of their face and hands more.

During the winter season, when the skin is dry, many people suffer from problems such as itching, burning, cracking, redness and swelling of the fingers and wounds. Therefore, Dr. Shambhu Joshi, a dermatologist, urges us to take care of the entire skin of the body, not just the face and hands during the winter season.Dermatologist Dr. Dr. Dr. Joshi says. Dryness is more visible in the skin of people taking sugar, blood pressure, kidney medicine.

How does dryness occur in the skin?

Because many people are cold in winter, drinking less water than in summer leads to dryness. Failure to pay attention to food creates problems.

During this season, when many people take a bath with hot water and use too much soap, skin problems occur. In winter, staying in the sun for a long time can also cause skin problems.As you can see, when using the same moisturizer cream and soap, different types of problems appear on the skin.

To protect the skin in winter:First of all, you should drink plenty of water to avoid skin problems in winter. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize on food.

Bathing with the same soap that you got can cause a lot of dryness on the skin. Therefore, the soap used for bathing in winter and summer should be different.Some people may need to use glycerin soap when bathing in winter
Some should use moisturizing soap

To prevent the skin from getting dry,:you should not only take care of the face, but also use moisturizer or coconut oil on your hands and feet regularly in the morning and evening. Moisturizer should be applied after showering.

Lip balm should be applied on the lips and sunscreen should be used regularly on the face. In winter, even normal skin becomes dry, so you should regularly use a moisturizing cream that is very smooth to prevent the skin from drying out.

Shoes with thin soles should not be worn in winter. Sports shoes should be worn. Similarly, warm gloves and socks should be worn on the hands and feet.

Wearing thick clothes made of wool in winter makes the body dry and itchy. As it makes the body itchy, you should wear thin cotton clothes only from the outside.

If any allergy does not disappear even after two or three days, the medicine should be used only after consulting a doctor.

Special attention to diet: Sensitive skin is allergic to some foods. Identify such foods and stay away from them. Due to stress, it is difficult to prevent aging of the skin. Stress increases the level of such hormones in the body, which creates acne on the face. So try to stay stress free.

To keep the skin healthy, you should eat balanced and nutritious food. Cotton and silk clothes are suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is better to use cotton balls when removing makeup.


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