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Huawei mate X foldable smartphones have been revealed but the market is skeptical

Technology is one such thing that gets incrementally better year after year. Sometimes it’s bezel-less full screen phones, sometimes it’s smartphones with DSLR-like cameras, and at other times, it’s tank-like phones with massive batteries. But the most recent eye-catching advent in the mobile world definitely has to be foldable phones.

In terms of flexibility, the most we have seen until now has been bendable screens. But 2019 has shown us foldable phones, devices that can be folded up and placed inside our pockets like paper. Although this concept had been lingering around f=or quite a while now, we still cannot purchase flexible phones as the tech will only go on sale in the final quarter of this year.

At the 2019 Mobile World Congress, companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei revealed their own foldable phones. More than anything else, foldable phones are going to be a refreshing entry in the saturated and bland smartphone market. And they are hopefully going to make things interesting once again.

But discussions have also been held on whether there is a need for something like a foldable phone. In argument, tech enthusiasts say that a foldable smartphone can provide more utility than an inflexible one. We may not feel the need for it right now, but as time passes, everyone will wish they had a smartphone that can be folded any way they want, they say.


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