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I am even happier after marriage said by Aanchal Sharma.

Actress Aanchal Sharma has said that she is happier after getting married. Aanchal, who used to go to the gym during the lockdown, eat her favorite dishes and spend time with her family, is now busy filming music videos.

Aanchal has been commented by her well-wishers and relatives that she looks more beautiful after marriage. Aanchal says, “Many fans ask me how my face became brighter after marriage. I feel the same way. ‘

Aanchal believes that if her heart is happy, her face will glow. “Maybe I’m happier after marriage,” she said. With Udipaji, I have brought enthusiasm in my mind. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. ”

Actress Sharma said that she was happy after marriage. “Even before making the video, I was very careful about my clothes,” she said. Now, I make a tick by wearing the dress I like. There is no fear of anyone saying anything. ‘

Aanchal, who has worked in two music videos after the lockdown, said that she will only work on the video after selecting the song.


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