I want to show that a story can be told in a film through dance as well.

Can dance become a major part of the narrative in the film? Until a few years ago, this question was beyond imagination. Even if there was interest, the manufacturer could not take the risk of investment. Now the situation has changed. Nepali films have started telling stories through dance.

The release of ‘Jack: I Am Twenty One’, which is scheduled to be released on 21st Baisakh, will become a standard in the storytelling tradition of Nepali films. In the 6-decade long history of domestic films, the film has been made in the dance drama genre. Rensha Rai Rana has directed this film, breaking the traditional narrative that dance should be used to fill empty spaces and only provide entertainment.

Renshaw herself is a famous dance director of domestic films. Last February, his film career completed 13 years. Renshaw’s debut film ‘Intumintu London’, which started choreography from ‘Mero Ekta Saathi Chha’, was released before the Covid crisis. She hopes that ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’, which was filmed during the Corona epidemic, will play an important role in the development of the genre in Nepali films.

Through the film, Rensha weaves the character’s mood, anger, passion and disappointment into dance, and this time she told the story in the setting of Kathmandu and Dharan. The main character of the film, Jackie Babu, leaves to become a Lahure and enters Kathmandu with the ambition to become a successful dancer. He must win the championship to fulfill his dream of becoming a dancer. Was he successful in his battle with his family and himself? Jackie presents the story of family and society’s expectations of children and the conflict against them.


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