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I was fond of reading news and immersed in music.

The singer of this song, which is very popular in Tiktak, is not in a foreign country, but in the country. As mentioned in the song, he does not have to settle abroad by looking for a PR man. She wants to take a deep dive into the field of music within the country.

Anita met him in Baneshwor a few days ago. We sat face to face in a cafe for a short conversation. She looked tired but enthusiastic.”I haven’t had lunch today,” she said, ordering a couple of cups of coffee and pastries. His attention was focused on his mobile phone.

“7,000 views in one hour,” she said happily.Anita’s new fast song was recently released on YouTube. The music video for the song, starring Twini Girls and Sagar Lamsal ‘Bale’, was initially garnering good reviews. In a week’s time, the song has received more than 1.1 million views.

The song ‘PRwala’ brought by Anita seven months ago was a great success. Even though he has released it from his own new YouTube channel, the song has already garnered 6 million views. Anita hopes that her song ‘Yasto Banos Mero Tij’ will touch millions of views.

Anita, who was born in Bardiya, had no choice but to become a singer. The family taught him to study well and to have a fast job. After coming to Kathmandu to study in college, she turned to music.

‘The fascination with music was from a young age. He was also praised for singing in school programs. But, the goal was not to become a singer. There was no music in the family, ‘she said.

His father was a merchant. Three sisters and one brother all read. Everyone insisted on reading him. Anita’s interest was to come on the television screen and spread the news.

“When I saw my little sister Oli reading the news on television, I was anxious to get to that place,” she says.

That desire led him to study journalism. She started studying mass media at Dilli Bazaar Kanya Campus. Once during her studies, she went to Radio Nepal for practicals. Coincidentally, at the same time, a voice test was being held on Radio Nepal. His friends laughed at him – your voice is good, try once.

Anita also got excited. After preparing for 15-20 days, she took a voice test. She also passed. And finally he said that he could do something in music.

Determined to pursue a career in music, she enrolled in Ganderbha Music School. At that time, she had finished her Plus Tuca and started studying for a bachelor’s degree at RR Campus. The morning college and afternoon music learning schedule lasted for some time. After finishing her music class, she started recording songs.

Along with music, Anita is also stepping into journalism. She fulfilled her childhood dream of appearing on the television screen.

She has practiced journalism for the first time on a YouTube channel called Like Nepal. There she conducted a two-hour program daily. After working in it for two years, she got admission in Nepal Television.

Anita has been running music related programs on Nepal Television for the last four years. He has also completed his bachelor’s degree. Now she is preparing for the masters. Music career is also on the rise.

How is she taking education, music and journalism together?Taking a sip of coffee, she said, “The biggest thing is passion. If you have passion, you can enjoy as much as you want. ‘

Anita has sung 4 dozen songs so far. She sang a modern song in the audition of Radio Nepal. Now his inclination is towards folklore. Initially, the folk song sung together with Pashupati Sharma and Ramji Khand became a hit.

Anita used to be a big presence at festivals in the country. Also, calls started coming from abroad. After the PR song of foreign countries became a hit, the audience of the country and abroad started recognizing him. So far, she has traveled to the Maldives, Qatar, Japan and Korea for concerts. The Australian schedule was scheduled for this time, but was stopped due to Corona.

This time there is not much atmosphere. Tij may not have the same musical program as before. So why did Anita bring a new fast song?

She says, ‘Even if there is no stage show, the songs are heard by the audience. So I sang for them. ‘In the name of fast songs, vulgar words and similar music videos are coming. But Anita’s fast song is decent. The audience loves the dance with the twin sisters Prizma and Princy in the song.

Anita was asked, ‘Did you play Twinney Girls to be a hit on the ticket?’ She said, ‘It’s because of their fan following and talent. I already knew them. His name came up during the discussion in the team. ‘Anita said that she was very impressed with the twin girls while working with them”They are very good-natured and diligent at work,” she says, “not to mention dance and expression.”

The two sisters look the same, how much did you miss out on the shooting? ‘Anita said, “Yes, everyone was mistaken. I separate them from their cheeks. Sister is a little thin. The sister is a little overwhelmed. I still can’t tell them on the phone. ‘