If you are doing yoga, pay attention to these things

Yoga is one of the best options for physical health and fitness. The person who does regular yoga is always healthy, agile and young. You can experience it yourself.

Yoga makes the body agile, agile. Blood flows to the body well. Oxygen supply is sufficient. The muscle is flexible. Yoga makes the whole body strong and healthy as well as improves the functioning of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys.Yoga is a method that allows the body to exercise properly. But, there are some things to know before doing yoga. Frequent or irregular yoga may not produce positive results.

One thing to keep in mind when doing yoga

Physical condition

Some physical problems should not be yoga. Yoga should be done systematically in pregnancy or any chronic disease. So before doing yoga one must know your physical condition. Accordingly, yoga should be done in consultation with the doctor.

Care of time

You also need to take care of time to do yoga. Especially in the morning time is considered the best for yoga. The atmosphere is calm at this time. The air is pure air. Of course, yoga can be done at any time of the day. However, the morning time is still considered the best time before sunrise.


The place to do yoga should be quiet. Must be comfortable. In a polluted, noisy place, yoga is not good. It is best to do yoga in the garden, open space or on the grounds as much as possible

Starting with simple yoga practice
Before yoga, the body should be stretched and shrunk. Then, yoga should begin with easy posture. Hard yoga should not be forced. The body should feel comfortable while doing yoga. Do a little warmup before doing the yoga. After this let us do pranayama and then yoga. Let’s take a breather at the end.

Avoid eating yoga and eating

Bajrasan is the yoga done with food. It helps to digest food. That is, it facilitates the digestive system. However, yoga except Bajrasan should not be done immediately after eating.

Bathing immediately after yoga

You should not bathe immediately after doing yoga. Yoga increases the body temperature. So you should take a bath only after one hour of yoga. Otherwise, there may be problems like itching, coughing.

Do not drink cold water immediately after yoga

The body is warm while doing yoga. Drinking cold water is not beneficial at this time. Cold water is likely to cause allergies, coughs.
Yoga should not be done without yoga guru’s advice or supervision. Yoga can be a problem when reading a book or looking at a CD. Yoga can be practiced in the home only by learning the gurusaga yoga method.


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