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If you are going to the market to buy gold and silver, see today’s market price details!

Kathmandu: Gold price has remained stable in the Nepali market today. According to the Federation of Nepali Gold and Silver Entrepreneurs, the price of gold traded at Rs 89,000 per ounce today. According to the federation, the price of silver has increased by Rs 5 per ounce. Today, the price of silver has reached Rs 1335. According to the federation, gold is being traded at Rs 89,000 per ounce and acid gold at Rs 88,550 per ounce today. The price of gold had been declining in the Nepali market for the past few days. The price of gold had risen by 800 per ounce since Sunday.

The price of the gold will rise in upcoming days. Before lockdown the price of the gold was around Rs 70,000 but in the middle of the lockdown it crosses lakh but now due to the open boarder of Nepal the price of the gold decrease but it is high then the price before lockdown. Well many earn good amount from the gold while lockdown by selling the gold which they had buy before lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns had led to a surge in gold prices globally. However, a decrease in infections, opening up of economies, increase in vaccination pace and the surge in equities market have decreased the appeal of the yellow metal, as per analysts.




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