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In 20k9 Lok Sabha election: Main Reasons To “@Narendra Modi” winning:

Narendra Modi

In 2019 Lok-Sabha election by winning again Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has got again five-year terminated seat in india victory whereas in office after his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stormed to a resounding election victory.

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At the time 2014 he will be secured to majority but now he will show the power of nationalism manner and the party is likely to build on the commanding…………..

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now a days by majority as well as strong leadership to secured in 2019-2024.

So how did Mr Modi manage to exceed expectations and win by a landslide? Here are five key reasons behind his success.

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1.) Narendra modi:

The campaign was all about his strong leadership and personality.

2.) Nationalism:

He said his decision to send jets into Pakistan in response‚Ķ..to a deadly militat attack in Kashmir was ” a bold move ” .Many supported his idea of muscular nationalism.

3.) Key alliances:

The BJP was also very successful in finding coalition partners.

4.) An eye on the east:

The party consolidated its presence in india’s eastern states.

5.) Media:

Once again the BJP dominated the narrative on social and elsewhere.