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In the intimate scene with Priyanka, I was Saurabh, not me

The talk of actor Pramod Agrahari has been settled at this time. His talk was released along with the song release of ‘Katha Kathmandu’. The song also criticized some of her intimate scenes with actress Priyanka Karki. The scene has a lot of questions in the viewer’s mind.

Pramod, however, said that once the film is screened, critics and viewers will be able to answer all the questions. He even discussed the role of a minister in the Telangana chain Singha Durbar and considers it his acting success. Around Pramod’s Darshan movie, which has been filmed in the theater, has come out. The role he plays in all of these films is successful in getting the viewer’s notice. Ten questions with the actor Pramod overnight.


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