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Increased stress?

Work stress, fatigue and stress increase stress in people. In summer, people are more stressed than in winter.

In the summer, the stress hormones called cortisol in the brain are charged and its fire is released in the form of anger. Stress makes a person’s mind restless and unstable.

It makes a person’s body unhealthy and also affects his efficiency and mental development. Therefore, stress should be controlled in hot weather. The following measures can be taken for this.

1. If you feel increased stress, dark chocolate consumption is beneficial for control. Putting a small piece of dark chocolate in the mouth reduces stress.

2. Vitamin B12 deficiency also increases stress levels in humans. Therefore, you should eat foods that contain vitamin B12, including milk, water, yogurt and eggs.

3. Eating corn, okra and raspberries also reduces stress. These things contain omega-3 rich proteins and amino acids, so it improves mood.

4. Pulses, soybeans, oatmeal, sunflower seeds help increase the hormone serotonin. It helps to make people positive.

5. Bananas are rich in natural sugars and potassium. Its consumption reduces anxiety and also works to nourish people.

6. When you wake up in the morning and sit in the sun for a while, you get vitamin D from it and it eliminates unnecessary stress.

7. The most reliable way to reduce stress is to work with your family. Talking at home with family, playing games, laughing, playing fun games with children also miraculously reduces stress.


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