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Injury swallowed my playing career.

What is the biggest enemy of a player? I say injury. Unable to overcome this injury, I am carrying the painofshortening my playing life in my chest. I was playing volleyball. The desire to give the country an international medal remained. But, I was accidentally injured. She can’t even play again. What could be a bigger pain for a player? If I had adopted the necessary awareness at that time, I would still be playing.

Fortunately, even though I stopped playing, I did not stay away from volleyball. I have become a coach from a player. My role, the diary is back. The coach does not have the same craze as the player. But, it is also a very important responsibility. Now as a coach, my goal will be to produce good players.

A few days ago, I got a chance to be honored. I felt like the new generation didn’t know me. But when I was honored by Sanjay Smriti Pratishthan, I was happy that my identity has not been lost yet. This is the honor that a player gets in Nepal. It is the love of the supporter. That is why we get energy.

I haven’t played volleyball regularly for a few years. But I am still proud to be a former national volleyball player. I played a lot for the national team, at home and abroad. But the deception of the international title remained unfulfilled. This is the pain.

I have two stories to tell you right now. Injury front and back injury. Well, there is also the struggle with injury. In the beginning, I tell the story before the injury

Gulmi district is a place of volleyball. So I played volleyball from a young age. We saw the senior brothers playing volleyball, we followed suit. I also played volleyball at school. We used to jump to play volleyball in school dress with Sakina in class. Those were happy days. Everyone in the village started praising him for playing well.

Sometimes I could watch the games played by my brothers on TV. While watching the game, others used to tell me that this is what a player should be. I started to think that I would play too. I liked the game of Bharat Sah, Prem Bhandari, Saroj Shrestha very much, I started playing following their style. Later he also played with them. I also liked Im Rana’s game, I got the opportunity to play with him too.

I came to Kathmandu in 2064 BS. At that time I had two jobs. Half time playing in the club, half working in the casino. In that course, I played for Mazdoor Shaheed Smriti Club and Jawalakhel.

At the age of 65, a game was played with the police from Jawalakhel. Our team included Kul Bahadur Thapa, Shyam Rajathala, S Maharjan, Khem Purja, Kishore Chaudhary, Rajkumar Karki and others. Players including Bharat Shah, Im Rana and Saroj Shrestha in the police team. In that game, we beat the police team. Our team was praised for beating the departmental team by playing 5 sets.

The same game opened the way for police entry. Bharat Shah, Im Rana and others provided training opportunities. They are all right, they offered to come if you want a job, and Kul Bahadur Thapa and I went.

We entered the police force at the age of 67 after completing all the procedures required to become a police officer. Playing from outside also reduces the chances of being in the national team. Because the training was less. If I joined a team like the police or the army, I would be more likely to join the national team, so I thought it appropriate to join the police.Then began the job, training, sports in the police.I played with the police. I also got a job. Then the desire to play for the national team arose.

I also joined the national team in 2069 BS. Debuted through the first South Asian Invitational Volleyball Tournament. Kapil Guru was the coach at that time. I used to play in all-rounder position. It was said that he would be included in the team, but it would be very difficult. I fell in the team. I told the family home over the phone. I told my parents happy. They said we would watch it live on TV. Even now, if our game comes on TV, don’t miss it.

It was a great pleasure for me to be in the national team. What a pleasure to play. I was very happy to play from the same team with the players I was watching on TV. It was time to go to court. When I played for the first time, I was happy and scared. There were spectators all over the covered hall, huddling in favor of Nepal. We didn’t win then, but we learned something new. Then I gave priority to training. I started watching outside games, I started following.

Once I was in the national team, I wondered if I would be able to play again and I was still training hard. Continuous training can improve the game. There was not much training in the national team but we continued to practice in the club.

There was not much opportunity to play from the national team. But the AVC Central Zone Volleyball played in Bangladesh in 2072 is memorable for me. At that time our team was good but due to the earthquake the training was not good. At the same time, Chief Coach Keshav Lal Shrestha passed away. Half a week later, we went to Bangladesh to play the first edition of Central Zone. We defeated the current champion team Kyrgyzstan. We also defeated the home team Bangladesh. But we lost to Afghanistan in an unbelievable 5 sets and missed out on being third.