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Intel Institute wishes all the student who give SEE in 2075.

Now, most of the SEE students would be dreaming of a bright future as you hope for securing high marks in your Grade 10 (SEE). Surely, you would also be wondering what all to do in this long gap, how to get admitted to the college of your choice, and where to go to prepare for the tough ENTRANCE TESTS for prestigious colleges .

We promise you, with all our great and joyful experience of 23 years of mastery in the field of entrance exam prepration, that the INTEL Bridge Course 2018, as of always, will be ‘Your Best Pathway to Higher Education!’ Our Bridge Course fully empowers post-SEE students to compete successfully in the highly competitive entrance examinations conducted by acclaimed colleges and higher secondary schools of Kathmandu and other places in Nepal.

Remember that the institute you join to train yourself for key entrance examinations leading to qualitative higher secondary level education is a very important choice. Therefore, maximize your probability of competitive success by INTEL, a student centred institution with a history of academic excellence that has become a household name in Nepal. Our success rate is phenomenal!

INTEL completely understands the core needs of post-SEE students and provides the perfect academic inputs accordingly. It provides a superb environment where teachers and staff members are extremely positive factors in assuring academic progress and in furthering the demands of higher education. You too will find that this institute is the best place to develop your educational and psychological potential in a remarkably short period which is just not possible elsewhere. This is an ideal utilization of the post-SEE interlide.

The INTEL Bridge Course has four different packages – ASC, AMC, EPC, and A-Levels. These fully cater to the needs of students. The Bridge Course is taught by a dedicated, hardworking, and experienced faculty. Our excellent faculty follows the most result-effective teaching methodology. Our students learn to succeed through a concrete process that invariably delivers tangible results. We continuously update our couse content with vigilance and care and have an open-minded, creative approach.
Significantly, this most popular, enriching & affordable Course is also most valuable for college-bound students in the long run as it simultaneously builds a concrete foundation in science, management, and other subjects. Our students forever remember INTEL for what all it invariably gives them and the huge scope its educational packages offer for their education and careers in Nepal or globally!

We extend a most heartily welcome to all students waiting Grade 10 (SEE) results to join the INTEL Bridge Course 2019 so as to succeed in their academic goals! 


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