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Interesting Qatar World Cup with sensational goals and results.

KathmanduThe Qatar World Cup is getting interesting as the group stage matches continue. The Qatar World Cup has become more interesting when even the team that was thought to be average scored incredible and sensational goals.

In the second round of the group stage, Germany and Spain played a draw on Sunday night. But more than that, Morocco shocked Belgium. Belgium is the same team, which in the last World Cup, a powerful team like Brazil returned home from the quarter-finals.

Even though they are the golden team of their generation, Belgium is not even considered a contender for the title this time due to the aging of the players. This truth is said by Belgian playmaker Kevin De Bruyne.

As Manchester City’s talented midfielder Bruney said, Belgium is forced to lose 2-0 in the group stage. With this situation, it is impossible to say whether Belgium will reach the last 16 or not. He defeated Canada in the first match.

In the next match, Croatia sent Canada home after losing 4-1. Canada has become the second team to be eliminated from the group stage in the ongoing World Cup. After losing to Belgium and Croatia, Canada is now sure to return home.

Earlier, the host Qatar was eliminated from the tournament after suffering two defeats in the beginning. Now a team from Croatia, Morocco and Belgium will reach the last 16 from this group. Whose luck shines in the final game? This cannot be said.

Japan, who created a sensation by defeating Germany in the first match, lost to Costa Rica. When Japan lost to Costa Rica in the match on Sunday, the result was 1-0. While Japan created a sensation when they defeated Germany in the first match.

Japan’s defeat is a relief for Germany. They kept their chances of reaching the last 16 alive after they drew with Spain last night. Now Japan will play against Spain and Germany against Costa Rica in the last match.

Germany will have to defeat Costa Rica by at least 3-0 in the last match. But even if Japan draws against Spain, Germany’s victory will not prevent Japan from reaching the last 16. Even if Japan loses against Spain, if Germany draws, Japan will have an advantage.

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The defeat of Japan and the victory of Germany will make it easy to decide which team will reach the last 16. Therefore, Japan, Germany and Spain need a clear victory in the final game. Which may not be as expected considering the previous results.

Earlier, Germany was also eliminated from the group stage of the World Cup in Russia. Germany, the winner of the 2014 World Cup, has been going through a bad season for the last 8 years. Argentina defeated Mexico in the second match. But his first loss is still painful.

Losing to Saudi Arabia, Messi’s team is under pressure to win the last match to reach the last 16. It will not be easy for Messi to face Poland. Because Barcelona’s superstar striker Robert Lewandowski will be in Poland.

If Argentina and Poland draw and beat Mexico, Saudi Arabia will reach the last 16. But for this Saudi will have to work harder than expected. England’s journey has also become difficult after they were held to a draw by America in the second game.

England, who defeated Iran by a large margin in the first match, will be forced to beat Wales in the final match if they draw in the second match. Wales is also a strong team and will try to stop England. If this match is tied and Iran wins in the last match, it is certain that Iran will also reach the last 16 from Asia along with England.

Neymar’s team Brazil and Ronaldo’s team Portugal won the first match. Both teams are now training to reach the last 16 with their second win. They are not worried because they have star players in the team. But for Brazil, the absence of Neymar has made the opponent psychologically stronger.

Good stars like Richarlison, Jesus, Vinceus are enough to make up for the lack of Neymar, who cannot play two more games. If they win the second match, Brazil and Portugal will reach the last 16. At least the desire of many is that Argentina, Brazil and Portugal make it to the semi-finals. Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar will try their best for that.

But the sensational performance of the team, which was considered weak in the group stage, has surprised many. As France made it as the first team to reach the last 16, its results are worth watching. The Qatar World Cup will be very interesting when the last 16 teams are decided this week.

Because the performance of the team that is called strong in Qatar is considered weak, while the performance of the countries that are considered weak is sensational. Who will move forward with that sensational result? And it will be interesting to see who returns home.


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